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Your part in the process

To help you get the most out of my service, please read this summary of how to prepare a design brief and your part in the production process. It will help our discussions to run smoothly and save you time and money.
I am used to dealing with large companies who provide well thought out design briefs for complicated projects and have a team to discuss and monitor progress. I am also very good at enabling small companies and sole traders to get the best out of a design service and achieve great solutions within their budget and timeframe.
With 30 years experience in the graphic design and print industry I have seen design trends come and go and come back again. The use of web and new social media enhances the customer experience. Exhibition and print production techniques allow development of exciting new and affordable products.
The more prepared you (the customer) are, the better informed I will be to start the project. But please still be open to new ideas and recommendations.

When we meet to discuss your project for the first time I am sure to ask some of these questions:

What are you primarily trying to achieve, generate more sales, develop better product / service recognition, break into new markets etc?

Who are your competitors? What are they doing to achieve their success?

Show me examples of your competitor’s advertising, web presence, literature and promotional material. We will discuss what is working well for them and how I can design you something even better!

How is your product / service different? What sets you apart from them?

What sort of budget do you have in mind to achieve this goal? Are you planning to complete this project in one fell swoop or do you envisage a progression over a period of time?

When the job is done, how are you planning to assess or monitor the success to ensure money was well spent?

If you come to our first meeting with some answers to some of these questions then we can get straight in to the process of creating a design brief to make your success a reality.