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I charge an hourly rate of £35, which is very reasonable considering my extensive experience and expertise.
If you are an organisation that is used to dealing with design agencies that charge £50 to £90 per hour don't be put off by my low price. I work from my home studio so my overheads are lower than big fancy design agencies.

I know the right businesses to use for production of print, exhibition, signage, advertising etc. I receive substantial discounts with some suppliers, and even though I add a small percentage commission on purchases, the price to the customer is still usually cheaper than can be achieved directly.

I also tender for the occasional larger contract that suits my particular skill-set.

Generally speaking the more time I have to spend on your design the better it will look and the more indepth research, knowledge and creativity will go into achieving a great solution. Usually it is the budget that constrains the time I spend working on your project.
For example: a logo for a tradesman might only require one days work to come up with a simple but unique design. However if you have a business that needs more than just an icon, then a number of branded items need to be developed and so a few days work is a more realistic approach.

After discussing the project with a customer I will supply an estimate of the expected time and costs required to complete the job... so come and have a chat with me about your project. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the great creative solutions and artwork which can be achieved in just a few hours.