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Design for Print

Before there were computers or the internet it was primarily print, along with TV and radio which communicated your product or service. Even though all successful businesses use digital media nowadays, we still receive direct mail, and showrooms still have brochures. If this were not cost effective it would have already died out. The best approach for any business is to use a combination of print and digital. By careful targeting of the correct customers you can achieve substantial impact.
It’s clear that printed literature has some benefits over digital media. Humans instinctively look and touch. The added sensations of texture, sheen, page turning etc. helps the brain consolidate the information to memory. There is still a lot to be said for flicking through a magazine or handling a ‘classy’ brochure to get the full impact of a brand.

If you hand a customer well designed literature that imparts the information attractively, clearly and concisely, then you don’t need to say as much. The literature will do the selling for you and you can be the human face of the product or service. Now that we have digital media to reach large numbers, then ‘in your hand’ literature can be used in smaller quantities targeted at identified potential customers. Modern digital printing enables a cost effective unit price even at small print numbers.
When digital media first arrived, we would design for print, then make PDFs for the internet almost as an afterthought. Then it progressed into brochures that had to be designed to function in both media. Now, web content and printed literature are designed as separate projects to ensure each achieves the best results.
With office and home printers costing less and getting better quality it is common for small companies to include the logo and branding when printing quotations, invoices etc. For most of my customers I design letterheads that can be printed on regular ink jet or laser machines and set you up with a Microsoft Word document that has the header and footer embedded ready to use.

Exhibition and Signage
Large format printers have improved greatly in the last few years producing professional results more economically than previously. This has allowed cost effective production of exhibitions, posters, signage and vehicle livery. Modern LED lighting has opened up new solutions that previously would have been too bulky, expensive and hot. CNC digital cutting equipment enables detailed graphic shapes to be produced from any substrate so cut-out signage is now within the budget of even the smallest business.
I have been designing exhibitions and signage for many years and have seen various trends and technologies come and go. This extensive knowledge and hands on experience of production ensures that my design solutions will be cost effective to produce.

It’s not just newspaper and magazine advertising that get your message across, it could be a digital campaign, sponsorship at an event, a poster campaign or even radio adverts (I will shine some light on digital advertising is the ‘Design for Digital’ section of this website).
An advert needs to catch the customer’s attention, clearly identify the advantages of your product or service and facilitate a purchase. Businesses often spend too much on generic, multi-audience advertising and are not able to track which advert is generating inquiries or sales. I can work with you to target your advertising more specifically, keep track of what is working and collate customer data to improve efficacy.

Here are some examples of my designs for brochures, magazines, direct mail, newsletters, signage, banners etc. Click on an image to view larger.