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Business Marketing

Marketing Analysis
Even though strictly I am a career graphic designer, I have always worked very closely with marketing departments and have developed good and practical business marketing knowledge. I have assisted in analysing business ideas and developed strategies to acquire and maintain customers. I can help you get your message ‘on target’ and ensure your business is tackling the important issues that generate both new and repeat sales.

Copy writing
If ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ then I also believe ‘a few words can paint a picture’! Getting your key message across in only a few words can be challenging and it takes an experienced copy writer to achieve impressive results. I have been writing and editing copy for many years and have the ability to capture the essence of your business and communicate it effectively and clearly.
It is common for my clients to bring pre-prepared content for an advert, flyer or brochure. I will analyse the wording and re-write to emphasise key points. Not everything can be said in a single sentence, but if you can catch the reader’s interest quickly then you have the opportunity to fully explain the benefits of your product or service. I always read all the copy and I will make sure that you are either aware of issues, or I will suggest text amendments to ensure that your content is easily read, clear and effective.

I have frequently seen poor presentations even from large companies pitching for high value contracts. They may have an impressive product or service, at a great price, but if the presentation is unimpressive then they are unlikely to get the deal. I design and prepare presentations that look professional with fantastic imagery, great copy writing and business styling appropriate to your company, for example a PowerPoint file which is easy for the speaker to navigate.
For tender submissions, contracts or quotations, I can for example, design smart looking Microsoft Word documents which have professional headers and footers, report covers, and stylish layouts including graphs and charts to give your statistics impact and clarity.
If the contract is worth a lot of money, then it’s worth investing in professional design and presentation.

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