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Web Design and Support
It is essential for most businesses these days to have a website and social media presence. I can update the look and feel of your existing website, design and produce a new website, or design the look and navigation for more complicated data driven sites leaving the implementation to specialist web coding companies. I am a strong believer in clear and easy to navigate sites that function well on mobile, tablet and desktop. Within these tight constraints I create great looking solutions that are a pleasure to view and use. It is also important to generate pages with good Search Engine Optimisation content which will ensure web searches preferentially find your pages.

Web advertising
I have produced hundreds of web banner adverts over the years. Banner adverts can be quite small, but if placed on the most relevant web pages they can advertise your product or service effectively. It is vitally important you utilise the space effectively, catch attention quickly and draw the customer on to ‘click and follow’.

Email Newsletters and Campaigns
Software such as MailChimp is great for constructing effective email campaigns or newsletters. I can design and generate emails to send to your database of customers that are interesting, visually attractive and with active links to your web pages. It is important that these emails present just as well on mobile phones as well as desktop computers. A large proportion of both young and older people use their mobile phone for email and internet.

Social Media
Printed literature and web pages have a firm foothold with business and the public, but increasingly Social Media companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. are achieving massive numbers of online views. It’s important for businesses to differentiate their Facebook presence from the owner’s personal pages. Well written content and professional images help not just to build customer recognition and confidence, but can generate great sales opportunities. I will ensure your logo, branding and core images provide the right impression and are optimised in size and resolution for each social media programme.

Here are a few examples below. Click on an image to view larger.