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Bilingual Welsh / English

I grew up in Northern Ireland and moved to Wales over 25 years ago. Where I live and work in Mid-West Wales there are a higher percentage of Welsh speakers than many other parts of Wales. Over the years I have learnt the importance of balancing the needs of both Welsh and English. While working with Aberystwyth University as the Head of Design, Web, Print and Postal Services department I had to ensure all documentation, signage, webpages etc. were bilingual.

I positively encourage customers to include both languages for their Welsh target audiences and prepare all content bilingually. The lead translator for Aberystwyth University was so impressed by my attitude to bilingualism that she classed me as an ‘Ambassador for the Welsh Language’, having seen my proactive approach in ensuring that both Welsh and English wording works best in each situation.

I understand that translating text is not the exact substitution of words, but the effective communication of ideas through appropriate vocabulary and phrases in a cultural context. Often the Welsh and English wording will be quite different to each other.

I can arrange to have your content professionally written in Welsh, or if you can provide your own Welsh text, to have that read and amended by a Welsh translator.