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Dovey Valley Shooting Ground hosts '50 Bird Clay Shooting Competition.

Shooting competition

Congratulations to Dovey Valley Shooting Ground on their first competition in 20 years. In November 2019 a '50 bird open shooting course was set over 5 stands in the glorious Dovey Valley hills. First prize was a £100 'High Gun' and there were also 2nd and 3rd prizes to be won. Refreshments were available throught the day at the newly refurbished lodge.
Dovey Valley is back on the map... so competitive shooters don't need to travel far for some serious fun!

Dovey Valley logo navy

One of my existing customers was expanding his businesses in buying back Dovey Valley Shooting Ground and he needed to get this company a new and fresh branding. So the Hugh Jones family commissioned me to start with a blank sheet and develop a whole new look for Dovey Valley.

The finished logo bends the letter 'V' to become the Dovey hillside, on which the shooting ground is situated, and blends the 'V' sweep into the shooter's shoulder. I choose the typeface 'Bodoni' (as used for Vogue Magazine, Hilton Hotels & Georgio Armani... to name a few), for its association with quality and established branding. That typeface was then complimented with the more trendy sans serif font 'Din' for the 'Shooting Ground'. With the flamboyant sweeping 'V', classic typefaces and stylized shooter illustration, the overall statement helps portray the Manor House, Country Sporting lifestyle required.
I designed the logo in monocolour first as it would need to be used in a wide range of branded items, from signage to embroidered clothing. When deciding on colours I went for a royal palette of navy blue, cool green and rustic orange.
Expect to see more from the Dovey Valley Shooting Ground in the not too distant future as this business venture is picking up speed and there is much more to happen.

Ownership of Dovey Valley Shooting Ground came back in the Hugh Jones family in February 2019 and work has gone well in updating facilities and stands. Even though Dovey Valley has always been popular with seasoned players, they also offer a number of shoots, lessons and packages for beginners and younger players.
So go ahead and book now to 'Have a Go' at clay pigeon shooting.