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Inspiring Future Scientists.

Big Science logo branding Howard Adair

Possibly the ultimate experience for 7-12yr old budding scientists.
The Big Science Project
are running science camps over the schools half term break. Students will
learn about human biology, the brain, space, colourful chemistry, forensic science plus lots, lots more! Every day is fun and fully interactive – working as a team or on their own throughout the events in Llandrindod Wells, Llandysul, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen.

I was commissioned to design a logo for this Abeystwyth based company.
The founder Dr. Helen Whitland wanted a fun logo that would appeal to children but still portrayed a professional appearence for business.

I discussed with Dr Helen Whitland which imagery could encapsulate the broad spectrum of science that is taught through their projects. We narrowed it down to four items so I could create a solution that would not be cluttered and still easily recognisible when seen small. The logo also had to work in three formats: English, Welsh and bilingual. This was going to take some creative thinking!

Big Science Project logo-design by Howard Adair

The final design uses a brain synapsis shape to ‘hold’ the icons. This enables the logo to be used on a number of backgrounds and still retain easy recognition of the illustrations. This synapsis shape also as made to look a little like a head, arms and legs. This ‘jumping’ emphasises the fun and enthusiasm of The Big Science Project events.


Digital logo files were created in a number of options: for use on dark and light backgrounds, simple black and white, and all in vector and raster formats. Even after adding the separate language requirements it was still surprising that 30 logo files were needed.

Good luck to Dr. Whitland and her team. I’m sure these events will be fantastic fun and educational to inspire future scientists!

Facebook: thebigscienceproject

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